Choir Conductor

I have 40 years of experience in choral singing. I started in my school’s choir when I was nine years old. I have sung classical choral repertoire and choir & orchestra pieces but also popular and etno choral music.

As a choir conductor I have conducted children’s choirs, youngsters’ choirs, mixed choirs and men’s choirs. In 2000-2006 I was the artistic director of Händel Choir in Tampere. Today I am the artistic director of VIMMA choir, Vox Polaris choir and men’s choir Kuopio-Kvartetti (starting May 2018). My choirs have co-operated with Tampere Chamber Orchestra and Kuopio Symphony Orchestra.

With Händel Choir I have conducted following choir and orchestra pieces in the concerts:

  • Requiems by Gabriel Fauré, Maurice Duruflé, Luigi Cherubini, John Rutter
  • Gloria by Antionio Vivaldi

Recordings with Händel Choir:

  • John Rutter: Requiem & Cantus 2006.
  • Christmas Music 2003.




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